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Sports Birthday Party

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Sports 4 Kinders - a great party solution

If you are thinking about a sports party for your child’s next birthday then look no further than Sports 4 Kinders.

Sports 4 Kinders comes to you to host a 45 minute fun filled energetic sport session.  Parties can be themed to include football clinics, soccer party etc  OR you can leave it up to us to  include a mix of super fun games and ensure the children are up, active and having a ball!!!!!!

A typical sports party session will run as follows:

• Intro and warm up exercises including agility poles, jumping ladder, mini hurdles and skipping ropes

• Relay races using batons and teams
A ball game / exercise like soccer, football or basketball

• Hula hoop practice children learn various skills with these

• Small and super large parachute games

• Tug a war/sack races

• Conclusion with group / team photo

Where do we go from here?

Contact us to set up a free trial – we will come to your service and conduct a fun filled sports session
and you can see for yourself just how much children love S4K.
S4K = Happier, healthier Aussie children.
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