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Exercise for the Mind and Body

Training program
Incursion Program for Children Aged 1-5 yrs.

Sports4Kinders (S4K) is an exciting, energetic and enjoyable incursion / program for children aged 1-5yrs. It is aimed at developing children in all areas of development by exercising their mind (cognitive) and body (physical).

• Introduction to all sports (tennis, soccer, Australian rules, cricket, volleyball etc.)

• Hula hoops, hurdles, Frisbees

• Skipping ropes and learning of various technical methods

• Gymnastics / spatial awareness and focus building activities e.g. somersaults, handstands, cartwheels

• Introduction and continual practice of catching skills, beginning with bean bag > stress ball > tennis balls

• Parachute play, relay races and team building games

• Yoga and core balancing positions/activities

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Sports 4 Kinders

The incursion based
S4K program is designed
for children aged
1-6yrs old. Currently we deliver this program to early learning services, kindergartens and playgroups. The sessions run
in 30 minute blocks, however
can be tailored to suit your group/service.

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Active Play Workshops for Staff and Educators

Training is presented by an Accredited trainer – the Long Day Care Professional Development Program (LDCPDP) funding can be used when paying for this training.

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S4K Sport

Sports4Kinders run a fun, high energy sports session every Saturday. Located in Port Melbourne, the expansive Bubup Womindjeka plays host to a class size of 18 that get’s every child enjoying the fun and energy of the S4K session for only $15.

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Meet Our Team

All our staff have qualifications in both the fitness area and childcare / education field.


Paul started his working life in childcare (1997) as a diploma trained childcare worker.  During these 5 years working in the early learning setting he begun to see a need and benefit in exposing and engaging children in physical experiences within the childcare setting.  In 2001 he developed an age appropriate physical education program specifically designed for the age group 1-5yrs which was safe, enjoyable and linked back to the early learning curriculum (now known as EYLF).  From this Sports 4 Kinders was born.


Shelley started her career as a personal trainer in 1994.  Having trained adults in fitness and nutrition  for nearly 20 years she decided to follow her passion and begin working with the younger age group.  Upon completing her certificate in education support in 2010 she joined the Sports 4 Kinders team and has been delivering the sports program ever since.


Program Co-ordinator
Aaron has completed a degree in Human Movement and has also completed a PHD in Sports Science – majoring in junior tennis coaching.  Consequently earning himself the title of Dr. Aaron -but do not call him this as he gets quite embarrassed :)Aaron is also a personal trainer and has a strong passion for developing children in the area of motor skill development.  He has a  wealth of experience in this space (children's fitness and wellbeing) and a genuine passion for his profession.


Don has an enormous amount of experience within the Early Childhood field.  Diploma trained (Early Childhood) Don worked as an Early Childhood educator before combining his passion of sports/fitness to join Sports 4 Kinders.  He loves his AFL football (Melbourne Demons supporter) and cricket.


Nicole holds qualifications in both Early Childhood and Fitness.  Spending over 5 years working as an Early childhood educator Nicole moved on to study and complete her Certificate 3 in Fitness.  Upon becoming a personal trainer so realised her passion in keeping children fit and moving – subsequently joining Sports 4 Kinders.

What will your child learn from the Sports4Kinders program?

Apart from the obvious benefits that your child will achieve from physical activity (health, fitness, eye-hand co-ordination etc) they will also learn:

• Skills to prepare them for the physical education curriculum that they will begin
upon starting primary school

• Learn about all aspects of physical activity like hydration, human body (basic bones and muscles)

• Awareness of various sports through group time discussions

This begins and builds a child’s interest in various sports / exercises from an early age.

A Wonderful Environment for Children to Exercise their Mind and Body

Professional Staff
Sports Themed
S4K = Happier, healthier Aussie children.
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